When you work with me you get a 100% customized step by step plan and lessons tailored to your needs. You are not a number. Or part of a large Facebook group.  You will be working with me directly.

After you fill out all the necessary paperwork we will do an initial review and assessment.  We can do this either online (by skype or FaceTime ) or if you are local, we can meet in person.  Usually, this takes about an hour to hour and a half. We will go over your assessment, take some measurements and get to know each other.  You will also leave that meeting with your first lesson plan.

After our initial review and assessment, I will start working on your personalized recommendations and any recommended supplementations.  (This will not be a cookie cutter meal plan, we will work together to build a plan of foods that you want to eat.) You can expect your personalized plan 1 week after our initial meeting.

When working with me you get 1-on-1 nutrition coaching.  There will be bi-weekly check-ins, where we will review your goals and intake and adjust as needed. Here you will also receive accountability and behavior modification.  You will also receive bi-weekly educational sessions that are pertinent to your personal goals.

For local clients, I am available for grocery shopping tours. Together we can visit a grocery store and talk about healthy options and the best ways to shop.  I also do healthy cooking lessons.

I will be available for unlimited email contact. I keep my client base small so I am able to offer each client my full attention.