No matter what your goal is, nutrition is not about quick fixes, detoxes or one-size-fits-all meal plans. I use an evidenced based approach to teach you how to achieve your goal; be it fat loss, muscle gain or just to be healthier. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle.  We are all individuals, and what works for one person may not for another. Together we will make a plan that consists of foods that you like to eat. There are no boring foods here. No missing food groups.  Just a personalized, step by step plan for making nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals.

“After taking a year off of wrestling, I wanted to get back into training and competing for the wrestling freestyle world championships. I needed to get back to the shape, strength, and weight I was when I was competing. Stephanie did an amazing job in assisting me with a diet plan most suitable for my active schedule. Her program helped me gain 15 pounds of lean muscle over a period of 4 months. In doing so my waist size had also decreased several inches. I really appreciated the fact that Stephanie followed up with me every two weeks to monitor how I was doing, and whether or not to make any adjustments to my program. The 4-month diet and workout program took dedication and a lot of hard work. If you dedicate yourself to Stephanie’s program, you will reach your goal.”

Jarrod Patterson

Sooner Wrestling Club